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The future of packaging

We created Savor Live so you can provide customers with the best experience of your brand. We’re bringing the latest technology innovations to packaging to help you transform your customers’ experience, engage them in new ways, and educate them on the high-quality products you produce.

Packaging that tells your story

Imagine if customers could simply scan your bag and instantly view a video that tells the story of your coffee from farm to cup. We believe there is a huge untapped opportunity to use the latest technologies to elevate your brand and grow your business. As seen in the latest edition of Pono, we use augmented reality (AR) to bring your packaging and brand to life. Once the bag is scanned with our proprietary app, our intricate design awakens to grab the viewers’ attention and is followed by a helpful how-to video that adds value.

Your packaging is often your customers’ first experience with your brand—and first impressions form in milliseconds, but have undeniable lasting power. Savor Live elevates this critical moment to an entirely new level—creating a dynamic, memorable experience.


With Savor Live, your brand’s story no longer stops at the back or bottom of your bag—there are unlimited creative possibilities to connect your brand with your customer. Our app transforms a static package into an interactive media channel, so that you can draw customers into your brand instead of pushing out content arbitrarily. By overlaying digital content onto your customers’ physical world, Savor Live enables you to meet ever-evolving consumer demands where they expect brands to engage with them in both realms interchangeably.




Through Savor Live, customers can gain new content about your carefully crafted products and everything that makes your brand unique. For example, you can connect consumers with producers in a way that’s not physically possible. Upon scanning your bag, you can virtually transport consumers to origin, where they see a video of the actual coffee farm and hear directly from the farmer about the coffee they’re about to enjoy. Customers can watch how you source, process and roast your coffee, or learn how to brew the perfect cup. This type of content that is rich in storytelling, high in value and easy to digest enables you to educate your customers in new and exciting ways.